Fire Runs

Fire Calls are $800 for the first hour, $800 for the second hour with the maximum charge of $1,600.  Please be aware of these charges so that you may want to make the proper adjustments to your insurance coverage.​​


Meeting dates have been posted for the new fiscal year under the Meeting Schedule tab above. 


Dear Residents,

If you're completing home remodeling or replacements/upgrade projects from your home, please make sure to obtain necessary permits and inspections from the Clinton County Building Department.  This includes required plumbing, mechanical or electrical permits for items such as replacing a water heater, furnace, air conditioning or adding electrical circuits /service upgrades.  If you are hiring  contractor to complete this work, make sure they obtain the appropriate permits and inspections.  These permits and subsequent inspections are critical to make sure all work meets code requirements for our family's safety and to protect your investment.

For additional information or questions reguarding permits, please don't hesitate to contact the County Building Department at 989-224-5181 or e-mail

  • Burn Permits
    Beginning January 1, 2023 the St. Johns Fire Department will have a new system for obtaining burn permits. They will no longer be issuing 3-day permits over the phone. This includes our entire coverage area of Bingham Township, Greenbush Township, and the east half of Bengal Township.
    If you would like an annual burn permit you can apply for one online or go to the St. Johns Police Department during their regular office hours, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Once you submit the form online, your permit will be manually approved and you will get a reply email. 

Please call 989-224-2151 with any questions.